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For this assignment you will write two essays of 400-600 words each about two of the four topics listed below. The contents of each essay should address the three questions listed below the topic, but need not be limited to those questions. Each essay should be written in your own words, as if you are explaining the topic to a classmate. The essays will be marked on accuracy, clarity and how completely you answer the three questions for each topic. Topic 2: Galaxies, Dark Matter and Active Galactic Nuclei How do we know that there’s dark matter in the universe, and what properties must it have? What are active galactic nuclei and how do we know what their energy source is? What are some ways that dark matter and active galactic nuclei can affect galaxy evolution? Topic 1: Stars and Stellar Evolution Describe how stars like our Sun evolve from the beginning to the end of their life cycles. Describe the evidence for the existence of neutron stars, and the evidence that links pulsars to neutron stars. Describe planetary nebulae and supernova remnants. What are some ways you can tell them apart? Additional information to note while writing the essay. Title page: on your title page, include your name, student number, topic and word count (not including the reference list). Include a brief introductory statement and concluding statement to the topic of each essay.  1 or 2 sentences for the introduction and conclusion is sufficient. You must use a minimum of three references per essay, including the class textbook, Wikipedia and other published scientific sources such as journal articles, magazines or newspaper articles.  Your essays should not contain quotes from your references, rather you should paraphrase the material.  You can use any style you prefer (MLA, APA etc.) in your reference list.  Number your reference list.  When referring to them in your text, cite them with the number of your source in square brackets.  Eg. “Elliptical galaxies can be as massive as 1014 solar masses [2]”.   The “[2]” means, that you got that information from the source numbed “2” in your reference list. You are not allowed to use the class slides or your lecture notes as references. You need to cite other sources, and they must be published. You need to stay within the word limit to not lose any points. The word count does not include the reference list.