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Assignment #12…..starting to WRITE the essay… Hey everybody so this assignment has all the information you need to start doing your interviews. I have also created an announcement that you should also read– it has other information about doing this. We are asking you to use this week to do your interviews. We had talked about having you do three interviews, but that has changed. We would like you to do a minimum of  four interviews.   By the end of this weekend you should have the 4 interviews completed. Early next week we will move into the writing phase of this project.  It is absolutely crucial that you record the interviews in some way. ALSO, take good written notes. You will want to have BOTH sources. Consider using OTTER app. which allows you to get a written transcript of the interview. It is free to download. Students say it works really well. You can have OTTER going on your phone while you are Zooming or talking in person (safely.) You will be uploading your transcripts into a Google Form next week. This is why you need a transcript.  If you are having some trouble finding Hayward residents to interview, I encourage you to rewatch the zoom call from last week. On that zoom call, the students came up with all sorts of clever ways to find people to interview.   Below are the 3 parts of the interview. The  first part you will read to the interviewee. This is where they give permission to be interviewed. The 2nd part is the Demographic information. The 3 part is the actual 7 questions      Permission statement. To be read to the interviewee:   I am part of a project with the City of Hayward to better understand the experiences of Hayward residents with parks and recreational activities. Before we start, I want you to know that your participation in this project is completely voluntary. This means that you do not have to talk to us unless you want to, and you can stop at any time.  We will be sharing what we heard. However, we will never include your name and if there is anything that comes up today that you do not want us to include, please let us know.   Are you Ok with moving forward? Great. I have  some Demographic questions, followed by seven questions to ask you today.     DEMOGRAPHIC INFORMATION. Remember they need to be from Hayward.  For each person we need: 1. First Name 2. Age  3. Gender 4. Ethnicity 5. Cross streets where they live (we dont need exact address)   Here are the questions: How often do you go to any parks in Hayward?  If they go to parks: Which ones do you go to the most and what do you like to do there?  If they don’t go to parks often: Are there any particular reasons why you don’t go to parks in Hayward? 2. Which park do you live closest to in Hayward?  How often do you go there and what do you do while you are there? If you don’t go very often, why don’t you go? 3. What is your best memory of going to a park anywhere at any time in your life?         A. Where was that park?          B. How did that experience make you feel? 4. Do you or any of your family members participate in any recreational activities like sports, art, dance, music or fitness? This can be now or in the past.           A. If so, was that in Hayward or somewhere else? If it was in Hayward, was it at a public park/community center?           B. If so, how did you get involved in or find out about that activity?            C. Are there any activities you would be interested in joining, now or in the past? What have been the barriers to joining? 5. Do you have any concerns about any parks in Hayward, such as safety, accessibility, or facilities? 6. In your dream world, what facilities, activities, or events would you like to see in Hayward parks? 7. Considering everything you’ve told me today, what are 3 words you would use to describe Hayward parks? hey everybody, so to get started on writing this essay, we will be having you write up 5 to 7 body paragraphs that will end up in your essay. This will be due on Sunday night. It is absolutely CRUCIAL that you understand how we are asking you to create these body paragraphs. In order to do it correctly, you need to watch one of the zoom calls where we have a bunch of information. In addition you need to read the essay #2 assignment post  carefully because there’s advice in that post.   Also I will be posting an announcement here in Canvas that  you should go look at before you start to write the essay. The key point is that even though you did interviews of people, when it comes time to write the body paragraphs the “star” of each paragraph is that CONCEPT you are working on. The star of the paragraph is NOT the person you interviewed. What that means is that at the start of each body paragraph you will be doing a good 3-4-5 topic sentences that explore and expand upon the concept. Only AFTER you do that do you then bring in the first quote from the person you interviewed. We talk a lot more about that in the zoom call. In conducting your interviews, there is no doubt that quite a few concepts have popped up. For doing this assignment # 12 you can pick any of them to write about. You do not have to start with question one and then go to question two etc. My advice would be to start writing the concepts that you feel most passionate about or you have the most information about… Also keep in mind that you will be bringing it outside sources into these body paragraphs.   Advice on doing the body paragraphs for Ass.  #12 Hey everybody, this announcement offers some advice about how to write your body paragraphs for this interview paper about parks in Hayward. In addition there is a ton of advice in the zoom calls, there is also advice on the essay #2 Canvas post. Before you start writing these body paragraphs you really need to read and understand the advice that we are giving in order to make these paragraphs their best.  In addition, I am including links to “rule of three” and about how to write academic paragraphs. You should probably look at these posts for review. Writing academic paragraphs:  (Links to an external site.) Rule of 3:  (Links to an external site.) Below is some practical advice on how to write the body paragraphs. In addition, on the zoom  calls we do a screen share of  what a body paragraph looks like for this essay. You should check that out.  BODY PARAGRAPH ADVICE: In your 3-4-5 topic sentences, use NO names…. The topic sentences should be focused on the concept… Make no  mention in your body paragraphs  that  you asked questions or did  interviews… (we talk a LOT about this in the zoom call.  …) Dont start a paragraph with ”my next question was” (this is organizing paras by questions, not by concepts) Remember to integrate outside sources–its very powerful- Try to get 2 (even 3) people (or outside sources)  in a para–dont make a para only about one interviewee…(remember the para is about a CONCEPT…not the  interviewee….they are just the source of the concept  Do phat 3-4-5s topic sentences to set up concept in a para —no names at that time…,, We need their names when you quote them –do not say “my interviewee said,”- Dont put their name in parentheses at end of the quote  (Javier) You should Do last minute short interviews of people to flesh out concepts –it can be people you already interviewed, or new people