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Assignment 02.1: Team Project Milestone 1

This is the first of several assignments to help student teams develop a business plan which you will submit in Week 10. To submit a strong business plan, it is important that you read the feedback you receive on each part of the plan (in Week 01 through Week 06) and correct errors and incorporate recommended changes. This assignment should be researched using a minimum of three scholarly resources. It should be written using APA formatting and be a minimum of 600 words.  Select a business that you and your teammates would like to go into.  Imagine that you have been hired in a management position. The company is looking to expand and wishes to apply for a loan of $2,000,000 to help them set up a satellite office. The first task you have been assigned is to prepare a business plan to show the bank.  For the first part of this business plan: Describe the business including the mission statement, the products and services the company offers, and who you consider to be the company’s competition.  What would you recommend your company do so that it stands out from the competition?  How will you help this business to accommodate a global business environment? What talents will you be looking for when you hire employees?  What technologies are imperative to maintaining the business? What does the company currently charge for its products and/or services they offer?