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Summary Topic:  Health assessment and evidence based therapeutic plan of care for the older person in an acute/aged care setting (from Assessment Task 2)   This assessment is in the ‘Format’ of a written report.   Using the same ‘Topic / Health Condition’ ( ATTACHED With all files) given to you in Assessment 2, start to analyse the research literature you have already collected (or you may need to gather more) and formulate a written report.   Learning Outcomes Assessed:   Discuss common health issues experienced by the older person   Discuss the legal and ethical issues in caring for the older person including use of restraints, elder abuse, and mandatory reporting   Identify the health care needs and plan of care for the older person in range of health care contexts     Please refer to the ‘Assessment – 3 Marking Rubric’ (ALSO ATTACHED) provided to give you guidelines for this assessment. This is not a literature review, but a written report you need to submit using the research literature on a subject area related to the topic.   The report should contain a title, a clear introduction to the person along with the topic / health condition of this person, and if this person is in an ‘acute or aged care setting’.   The report will need to demonstrate an understanding of evidence-based research and practice on the topic and the implications to professional practice.   The incorporation of other relevant materials and literature will extend the student’s learning and add depth to the assignment.     Please refer to the marking rubric guild for more information regarding how the assessment item is assessed and graded.