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Argumentative Essay About Eating Disorders

Prompt: Choose a researchable and arguable food-related topic of your choice. Possible broad topics (that could be narrowed into a focused research topic) are: Specific food products or food ingredients, health-related diseases, diets, food production, animal welfare, foodborne illnesses, labeling, food security/insecurity, access to food, food waste, food advertisements/marketing, school lunch, community resources, costs (health, monetary, environmental, etc.), hunger, ethical dilemmas, consumer rights, business practices, and federal regulations. Write an 7-to-8 page, MLA-formatted argumentative research paper that includes:   A specific topic narrowed to the scope (page length) of this assignment; A specific audience for your research essay; A specific, focused thesis that organizes and drives your essay’s argument; Necessary background about your subject; At least 3 clearly defined points supported by credible research to persuade your audience about your subject; At least 1 counter-argument that helps balance your argument; At least 5 sources, 2 of which must be scholarly or peer-reviewed articles, incorporated into your essay with MLA in-text citations and listed on a Works Cited page. All sources must pass the CRAAP Test. All of your sources may be online; Rhetorical awareness in your writing: this means you are aware of how you are using logic, credibility, emotion, etc.; Competencies in writing mechanics (grammar, punctuation, spelling, proofreading).