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Argue that social media should be limited for teenagers by focusing on its effects on bo

Cause/Effect Essay Essay directions and topics Choose one of the following topics to write on the causes OR the effects (these are two different things). Some of the topics are specified as only the effects or just the causes. This essay will also give you a chance to incorporate research. If you will notice, these essay are setup as arguments to make since it will be easier to take a side.  When you have decided on your topic, you must research your topic and have at least TWO sources. If you will notice, the topics are related to the readings from the summary module. You can (and I suggest) choosing the topic related to whichever article you summarized in the last module. The article you summarized CAN be one of your sources (and I highly recommend it – this means you will only have to find one other reliable source). 1.  2. 3,  4. Argue that social media should be limited for teenagers by focusing on its effects on body image.  5. Whichever topic you choose, remember that you want to use clear examples and development to help your points. Your essay should be a five paragraph essay between 500-650 words long. Make sure that you have your works cited page at the end of your paper. Any paper under 500 words will not be graded and will receive a zero. This 500 minimum word count is WITHOUT the works cited page included. You are not allowed to submit an essay that you have written previously for this class or another. N:B, The topics provided were 5s and I choose No 4. and this why it is the only topic shown. Plus, this instructor had us submitted earlier before this essay is due a “Works Cited List” with an instruction that reads as follow: Submit your two sources that you will be using in your cause/effect essay in a works cited page in MLA format. Only cite the two sources you will be using in your paper. And the two sources I submitted in MLA format and intended to use for this essay are as follow: Rich, Michael. “Social media and adolescent body image” Childrenhospital, Boston Children’s Hospital, 15 August 2017,  Ehmke, Rachel. “How using social media affects teenagers” Childmind, Child Mind Institute, Inc., 16 May 2020, After I submitted this sources citation assignment, this is the response I got from the instructor:   The citations look fine, other than they need to add access dates at the end of each. They do need to be in alphabetical order on the works cited page and have hanging indents for every lone after the first line of each citation. Make sure to fix that for the final essay. I hope this helps. PLEASE CONTACT ME IF YOU NEED FURTHER INFORMATION PLEASE, I CANNOT FAIL THIS COURSE. THANK YOU.