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Applied Anthropology in Action

In this module’s lecture and readings, you learned about some of the many ways that anthropological research has been applied to address real-world problems.  For this assignment, you will need to select and explain an online news article that describes an instance of applied anthropology in action.  The article that you choose should discuss a real-world problem that anthropologists are working to help solve.  This could involve anything from attempts to alleviate world hunger or terrorism to efforts directed at developing a strategy for marketing U.S. products in foreign markets.  You are free to find an article related to any of the major globalization-related problems listed in the lecture, which included infectious disease, climate change, natural disasters, migration, famine, homelessness, crime, terrorism, and war.  You are not, however, limited to this list.  In order to receive full credit, you must complete the following tasks: Locate an article that discusses the application of anthropological research to address a practical problem and provide the article’s URL. Write a ~200-word response in which you: Briefly summarize the nature of the problem and the steps that are being taken to solve it, and; Explain how one or more components of the anthropological perspective (holism, comparative approach, relativism) are contributing to these problem-solving efforts. This last part may be stated explicitly or may require a certain amount of inference on your part.