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AP Psychology Discussion Board

Discussion Question / Prompt Read the attached article, also found at the link.  Consider what you have learned so far about psychology and think about the following questions: 1. Connect the articles with three different terms from three different units. 2. Consider the bio-psycho-social approach and its intersection with laughter. How do the different elements impact laughter. 3. Which unit of psychology do you think laughter best relatest to? Why? What are some concepts from that unit that support this argument? Initial/Original Post Your responses to this discussion prompt should be approximately 250-500 words. Your response must be clearly written with APA style, critical analysis, appropriate sentence structure, grammar, punctuation, and spelling count. Your response should be insightful, thoughtful, and analytical. A successful post will bring in information from class, the textbook and the article to create a solid substantive answer.  ARTICLE LINK FOR DISCUSSION BOARD MY INSTRUCTIONS:  Answering the questions in relation to both articles is the bare minimum. you must answer every question, referencing both articles in each, and then go above and beyond to bring in outside information and sources. Use critical analysis and make connections. This is a very important grade for me and you must have clear introduction sentences and topic sentences. Have a thesis like sentence that introduces what you will touch up on throughout the rest of the discussion board. The textbook we use is AP Myers psychology and this is Unit 9. You can find important terms, concepts, and scenarios from the textbook online to use throughout. Make sure to cite both articles in the most updated APA and also any other outside sources you use. Please do not only use the two articles as sources. Like the said, her instructions are the bare minimum and will not get you an excellent grade. Must make thoughtful and insightful connections and not just sum up what the articles say in laymans terms. the textbook we use is ap myers so use the terms from the uits there. you can find pdfs of it or just the terms o quizlet or wherever.