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Part 1-  Watch videos below and write a brief timeline of Filipino and Chinese waves of immigration into the US, especially noting their contributions to the US Food System, and examples of Systemic Discrimination, Institutional Oppression and the Immigrant Health Paradox you see in the films. (4 Em points)   Part 2- Read Connect what you learned from the timeline of Chinese and Filipino migration to the US with the current surge of sinophobia and xenophobia targeting the Asian and Asian American communities in today’s current context.  Why is Anti-Asian hate crimes and violence not a new reality in this country and what are ways these communities are navigating this situation to ensure their safety? What is a call to action you would like to do to support the Asian and Asian American community during this time?    Part 3 – Read ( File Uploaded)   1) Discuss what it took for Mexicans to be able to bring their regional cuisine to the American public by focusing on their motivations for opening up trucks and restaurants; and some challenges they encountered along the way. 2) What is something new you learned about the journey/story/narrative of Mexican immigrants working for the food industry in the US, that you didn’t know before? Discuss 2-3 “new” things you have learned based on this reading, discussion or videos we have been discussing in class for the Food, Family, Ethnicity topic. 3) Based on what you learned from the readings, what are some ways you are personally going to be in solidarity with the Mexican or Mexican-American/Chican@ community? Research about 1-2 Mexican, Mexican-American/Chican@ local organizations in your community and describe the work they are doing which you would be interested in supporting.