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Annotated bibliography engl

Purpose:  An annotated bibliography is an organizing tool that is helpful when working on a research project.  An effective annotated bibliography is used to compile research sources in one location and provide the researcher with quick access to the information contained in each source.  Audience: This assignment should be directed at your professor, and you may assume that he/she has only a casual familiarity with your topic or issue. Content/Subject: Your annotated bibliography will consist of at least five sources that you have deemed relevant to your topic and/or question(s) of inquiry.  While you may encounter sources that are not relevant or do not fit the scope of your project while researching, for the purposes of this assignment, you will only include the ones that you find useful and relevant.    Cite the source in proper MLA format.  The citations should be organized in alphabetical order by author just as in an MLA Works Cited page.    2. Follow with a brief annotation that summarizes the source (approx. 3-5 sentences). You may quote from the source, but do not copy and paste the abstract. Ideally, all of the annotation should be in your own words.   3. In four or more sentences, explain the source’s relevance and importance to your issue.      Constraints: The annotated bibliography is a fairly rigid genre.  Your citations must adhere to MLA format.  This will be one of the central components of the grade for this assignment.  Failure to follow MLA format exactly will harm your grade. The annotations for each source should follow an academic style.  This means that you must construct, with elevated and sophisticated language, correct grammatical sentences that effectively summarize what each source has to say.  Additionally, you should explain how each source is relevant to the issue that you have selected and what it adds to your knowledge about your issue.   Specific guidelines to follow when completing this assignment are: 5-7 sources of various types (book, article, website, etc.). Sources focused around a narrowed issue or question of inquiry. Adherence to MLA format for all citations. Sources in alphabetical order according to author. Thoughtful and complete annotations of 100-150 words. Correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling.    Annotated Bibliography Rubric Annotated Bibliography Rubric Criteria Ratings Pts This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome MLA Formatting 30 pts Excellent MLA Format successfully presented for most part. All parts of citation included. Few to no instances of formatting mistakes. 24 pts Proficient Minor issues with MLA citations: 1-2 issues or minor issues. Major issues: date formatting, author names, punctuation, order of elements missing. Minor: capitalization, double-spacing 21 pts Competent Some issues with MLA citations formats. Major issues: date formatting, author names, punctuation, order of elements missing. Minor: capitalization, double spacing 15 pts Beginning Many issues with MLA citation formats in formatting: Major issues: date formatting, author names, punctuation, order of elements missing. Minor: capitalization, double-spacing (can be other issues; consult MLA 8th Edition) 30 pts This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome Overall Formatting 15 pts Excellent Document successfully formatted according to MLA format standards. Formatted 1″ margins, 12 pt. Times New Roman Font. No colors used in type. 13 pts Proficient 1-2 notable issues such as: margins not 1″, indenting, obvious copy/paste of citations instead of formatting; Type may be in different colors 10 pts Competent More than one formatting issue (2-3 issues) margins not 1″, indenting, obvious copy/paste, type in different colors 4 pts Beginning Many issues with formatting. MLA format for document not used 91″ margins, 12pt Times New Roman font), other issues for spacing, indenting, and type in different colors 0 pts No Marks 15 pts This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome Choice of Sources Evaluation 20 pts Excellent Sources relate to the topic. An attempt has been made to find sources specific to chosen topic (for example, ‘ global warming and effect on society’) half or more of sources mention these aspects of topic 18 pts Proficient Sources mainly relate to topic and are relevant for the particular aspect of topic 15 pts Competent Sources relate to topic. However, most are general. Major of sources state the topic instead of focusing on a specific aspect of the topic 10 pts Beginning Source are not appropriate for the chosen topic. 0 pts No Marks 20 pts This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome Annotations 35 pts Excellent All annotations present. All annotations are fully developed (word count and include summary and evaluation/relevance) 30 pts Proficient May be a few issues with annotations 25 pts Competent All annotations present. There may be one-two that are not fully developed (under word count, not including summary and evaluation/relevance) 20 pts Beginning Some or all annotations are missing. If present, there may be only one-two sentences describing source. 0 pts No Marks 35 pts Total Points: 100 Previous Next