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analyzing a poem

Shard   There is a window between us which we mistake for a mirror. Can you help me push it away? I could’ve spoken with you all day and then we’d retire together to some other place to watch the moon envelope the sun while alternative worlds learn how to reinstate themselves through abstract logic. However, I find it difficult to propel my words to you, to understand myself; can’t see beyond. Our eyes glare back, observant of these old dead clothes, this long dark hair, my homeless face, no watch, skull dangling around my neck, and yet I have a tongue to speak to you, the one beyond the wall.   Let me know your mind and all its switchblades. I don’t believe in heaven, but my hand bleeds each time I wave goodbye. I want to reach you, black haired shard. Reach out and lay upon your cheek my hand, transmit this warmth to you, and yours to me… but the glass is cold, impenetrable, so heavy; and you on the other side… …I’m you.  by John Trigonids In a well-organized essay of 750 words, please discuss “Shard.” Your essay should summarize the poem, discuss the theme/meaning of the poem, explore the use of specific images and symbols to convey that theme, and also consider what other works of poetry or prose the poem brings to mind. Please be as specific in your discussion as possible.