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Analyze political cartoons for WWI, Spanish-American War, and Progressive issue and idea

I need someone who is an expert in American history field.  I will send you the link to access the assigned political cartoons after we make a deal. Please write about 3-4 paragraph for each question, so total of at least 9-12 paragraph for the whole assignment.  These are the 3 questions. (Choose 2 political cartoons as a reference of each question) Wartime posters, much like political cartoons, are making arguments to viewers via imagery, analogy, and symbolism. Please choose two posters and identify what they are arguing and analyze how they are making this argument. How do they try to persuade viewers to support the war?   Please select two posters and compare/contrast them to the political cartoons we viewed from the Spanish-American war and its aftermath. In your response, please address what important similarities or differences you see in the imagery of the posters and the cartoons. In addition, please discuss the similarities and differences in how the cartoons justified US military involvement in the Spanish-American war/its aftermath and in World War I.   Please select two posters and answer the following question: how do the posters address Progressive issues or Progressive ideas? How do they relate those issues or ideas to the war effort?