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Analysis of Speech

Your analysis should consist of: 1. A brief overview of the rhetorical situation – i.e., a basic sketch of the immediate historical context informing the speech act or debate. You should conclude this section with a brief overview of the rhetor’s likely objective: e.g., “Given this situation, Obama’s goals were probably twofold: to establish X and Y.” Chapter 6 of the Crick textbook can provide insights into how to analyze a rhetorical situation. This overview should be no more than 25% of the assignment. 2. A critical analysis of the content of the speech or debate performance with a particular focus on ONE of the following rhetorical qualities: logos, ethos, pathos, or style. Use direct quotations from the speaker, where necessary, to demonstrate your point. As part of this analysis, you are also expected to consult and cite the Crick textbook (or other required readings from the course), plus a minimum of 2 credible academic sources from outside the course materials. Please cite these sources using APA-style in-text citations, and include a ‘Works Cited’ Section at the end of the essay (in APA-style). I have attached the 6th chapter of the Crick textbook for reference.  That is the outline for this assignment; I would like to focus on pathos in General Douglas MacArthur’s Farewell to Congress Speech. (see attached file) My writing style is very formal but clearly advances the subject and context. In other words, I can be succinct while being able to use more polished vocabulary.  Also not my priority as we are relatively short on time! My assignment is due tomorrow, and I have been unable to tend to this assignment. I cannot extend the deadline, unfortunately, as I need to have it as soon as possible.