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American Hinduism/Spiritual Experience of Children in Schools

You will write 2 separate narratives in one essay. The first 5 paragraphs (Intro, Body Body Paragraphs, Conclusion) should measure roughly two pages, and respond to the following prompt: Why would American Hindus wish to see things like caste removed from textbooks? Answer this question in a 2 page double spaced essay. Provide direct evidence from sources presented in this module.  The last 5 paragraphs (Intro, 3 Body Paragraphs, Conclusion) should measure roughly 3 pages, and respond to the following prompt: How might the privileged position of secularism across the entire school curriculum threaten or present a challenge to the spirituality of our children from 3 different religious traditions? (I suggest you return to the Nord and Prothero readings to refresh your understanding of these principles). On the other hand, how might immersion in a curriculum like the Core Knowledge Curriculum, which studies world religions in some form or other in each and every grade either challenge the child’s faith or provide an opportunity to further develop their religious particularism within a pluralistic society? Your 2 part essay should be just that, two parts, as if they were two different essays, and should contain no information from outside sources. I will include documents from the course to help you write it (please cite when you use info from provided material, and don’t use any other sources) For part 1, you can also use these websites:  (only use pages under the “Hinduism in America tab of this site)