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1) Following the Problem: Losing Money, Leadership, union. That three problems, Fuyao company has. 2) use all theories Citations from the PPT or textbook. (No outside references) The paper the teacher want to see us we learned knowledge from class. 3) Need like 10 Citations. (if you can connect more theories, that is better). 3) The PPT all talks about textbooks. When you use theories from PPT please cite (Cameron & Green, 2015). Textbook cite like ( Cameron & Green, 2015. p. ?). 4) Don’t need help make title page and reference page. Just focus on content. Following that below to writing paper: Part 1 what the problem they have.  ( Losing Money, Leadership, union). Half page Part 2: Issues of Losing Money  ( Use theories)             Solution of Losing Money ( Use theories)             Issues of Leadership ( Use theories)             Solution of Leadership ( Use theories)             Issues of Union ( Use theories)             Solution of union ( Use theories) I upload the textbook and ppt below.