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Overall Length: 2000 words at a bare minimum; no maximum MLA paper format In-text citations, using signal phrases and page numbers Synthesis (as we have studied, not one source at a time, but putting sources in conversation–sources can confirm, complement, complicate, or contradict each other. See Norton, Chapter 50.   See especially the sample on pages 520-521, noting that the writer pulls together multiple sources in a paragraph and even in a single sentence (but realize that we are using MLA in-text citation, not the system of citation used in that article). No plagiarism, whether or not intentional (including patch writing) Use of scholarly sources: all sources must come from the library databases. You must specifically use in text and cite at least 10 sources. Correct, clear, and elegant writing  (Links to an external site.) Cohesion  (Links to an external site.)  and unity  (Links to an external site.) Topic Your topic is argumentative. Your topic should relate to one narrow issue in artificial intelligence (AI) and needs to take a stand. Examples of topics (these are examples; have fun refining your own topic): Drone weapon technology needs international treaties Lethal autonomous weapons systems generally need international treaties Lethal autonomous weapons systems offer humanitarian benefits Lethal autonomous weapons systems pose dangers Unmanned underwater vehicles offer great potential for military use Social robots should be encouraged and incorporated into daily life We can damage our interpersonal relations if we allow social robots to substitute for close human contact Social robots can play important roles in education and can help to reduce numbers of teachers AI will be capable of artistic expression that humans will welcome Autonomous vehicles must be regulated with respect to ethical decision making (“the trolley problem”) Employment will be threatened as AI becomes ever more pervasive Employment will be expanded and improved as AI becomes ever more pervasive To prepare for impacts on employment due to AI, the government needs to [specify plans] AIs will/will not achieve the Singularity AIs pose dangers simply by fulfilling the goals for which they are programmed (see Nick Bostrom and others) AI will enable transhumanism, which is a boon/threat to humanity Structure Introduction (more than three sentences!) Opening hook Raise topic Delivery of thesis–your claim Background section You have worked on this History Technical background Framing of the debate Your argument reasons for your position, supported with evidence, experts, etc. (long section) (broken into multiple paragraphs and organized by reason) Counterargument Objection 1 Your response, whether acknowledging (Norton ), accommodating (Norton) or refuting (Norton ). Objection 2 (continue as above) (as many as necessary) Reinforcement of your point of view Conclusion Below is a sample essay u may chose from what ever topic you like in the book we are using is the norton field guide to writing book