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a plan focusing on creating housing and architecture in a new city

EEAssignment Description In this assignment each group will focus on one of the f unctional areas of planning as described in the table below and write a detailed plan for a hypothetical future city on earth . You plan should build th e city from scratch. The city will have about 500,000 inhabitants and 55 square mile s, roughly equivalent to West Palm Beach, Florida, but with five times of population density . You were given the task since it is now all vacant land. It is landlocked wi th a river cutting through the middle of the land to the ocean in the east. The ocean is about 800 miles away. The nearest city is about 50 miles away, with about 1.5 million population. The climate of the proposed city is similar to Atlanta, Georgia. The soil surr ounding the proposed city is fertile and will provide some local food to the residents. The city is located in a valley with some hills here and there. The average elevation of the city is about 500 feet. The city is prone to tornadoes and there are no other known n atural disasters. Other disasters, such as contagious diseases, terrorism attacks, etc. may happen. There will be crimes. T he plan should go into specific details about the functional area, in consideration of the location and natural features of the city . The plan should also consider the future trend and innovative techniques in planning, and should incorporate sustainable development measures (the balanced development of economy, equity, and environment). The final presentation and the report sh ould be professionally designed with appropriate layout, graphs, maps and photos. The selection of font types and font sizes should not compromise the readability, formality, and professionalism of the presentation and the report. Spacing of the text in th e report should be around 1.15 and the orientation can be either landscape or portrait.