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A discourse analysis of leadership and the complex inter-relations with

I am providing the outline of the format and what is required from the Research proposal  Subheading:- Literature Review ·      Why you chose your topic  ·      Why is it important, why are you interested in it ·      Why is it relevant to global health ·      A brief summary of key literature you have read so far ·      Maximum of 5 references Subheading:- Development of question  How you defined your research questions – ·      What is the particular focus of your project ·      How did you decide on scope ·      Identify a particular population etc. Subheading:- Challenges – Challenges in the research process and how you are working to overcome them  ·      The purpose is to show you are thinking critically about the research process and how you can address these challenges ·      These can be challenges related to actually conducting the research ·      OR in finding relevant literature ·      OR in managing your time  Bibliography – 5 references maximum