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A death pheromone, oleic acid, triggers hygienic behavior in honey bees (Apis mellifera L.)

Hello dear writers, an NSERC proposal based on the study area of the student’s chosen paper. These are grant proposals written to get funding from NSERC for a research project. The assignment is to communicate and rationalize what hypothesis/hypotheses you think should be tested next to best move the research topic forward. Excellent assignments will be those that suggest effective and/or creative new experiments that ought to be performed next in the chosen topic. You should create new hypothesis and design new experiments based on the topic (That article “honey bee death”) and based on the hypothesis on it. You may strictly follow the rubric attached.  Files attached contain TWO sample assignments and the rubric of the assignment. The topic is based on the PDF article named “honey bee death”. Hope this file will help you with writing. Thank you so much!