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a compare and contrast essay based on two selected artworks.

the book you can use Gateways to Art  3th edition, by Debra DeWitte, Ralph Larmann, M. Kathryn Shields Final Project In this project you will select will be writing a compare and contrast essay based on two selected artworks. One piece will be from a non-Western culture and the other will be Western (refer to the list below). Artwork Selection:  You will select the artwork from the textbook. This will ensure that there are enough resources to support the written essay.  Essay: You will write a compare and contrast essay relating the two selected works.  Thesis Statement: You will create a thesis statement that links the two selected images.  This can be based on theme, media, process, content, or intent and purpose of the works. Select something that interests you to investigate and analyze further.  Essay Content: In your paper you will discuss the following… Depending on your selections you will research the specific artist if information is available, or the type of art and its function within the specific culture.  Discuss the application of the art elements and design principles.  Also discuss the media, content and theme, as well as the artworks culture and context.  Include your thoughts on the artwork and why you chose them. Essay Guidelines: Minimum of 750 words in length.  A cohesive essay written with good grammar, spelling, and original content.  At least 3 scholarly academic sources.  Sources can relate to the art media, the artist, culture, style, time period, or the art itself.  Academic Writing Format will be identified by your instructor Images & Image Citations:  Include an image of both artworks with an image citation including (artist, title, date, media), in the proper format. (Academic Writing Format will be identified by your instructor) Images can be placed at the end of the paper for ease of formatting. Image Selection: Use the below list to help you select work properly.  Western Art Non-Western Art Greek Prehistoric Art Etruscan Art Ancient Mesopotamian Art Roman Egyptian Art Middle Ages Etruscan Art Byzantine Art Art of India Gothic Art Art of China Renaissance Art of Japan Mannerism Art of Korea Baroque Art of Southeast Asia Rococo Art of North America Neoclassicism Art of Mesoamerica Romanticism Art of South America Realism Art of Africa Impressionism Oceanic Art Post-Impressionism Islamic Art Symbolism Art Nouveau & Art Deco Expressionism Dada Surrealism Cubism Abstraction Abstract Expressionism Pop Art Minimalism Conceptual Art Performance & Body Art Earthworks Modern Art Post Modern Art Contemporary Art