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6002 Week 2 Discussion 2

Anonymous  Discussion 2 – Week 2 COLLAPSE Trends and Issues in Psychology This is a non-graded Discussion that will provide you with another option for exploring psychology topics in your program of study. Please note that it is highly recommended that you complete this Discussion to help you gain important library skills for your academic success. In Discussion 1, you searched a topic across multiple psychology journals using a subject specific database. For this Discussion, you will browse a psychology journal of your choice to explore current trends and issues. To prepare: (Please write 250 words) • Using the Top Psychology Journals in the Learning Resources, choose a journal that is related to a topic in your program of study. Select an issue/volume of that journal from the last 2-3 years to browse. By Day 4 Post a brief summary of your observations about the journal. What did you notice about the topics that were covered? What articles interested you? Did anything surprise you? Include the name of the journal, how often it is published, and a description of the type of research it publishes. No response will be required for this Discussion. However, if you want to follow up with an additional question or insight to your colleague’s posts, please feel free to do so. Click on the Reply button below to reveal the textbox for entering your message. Then click on the Submit button to post your message. REPLY QUOTE     1 day ago  Sebastien K. (SAMPLE of a classmate for this discussion) I found Titchener’s books in the archives! COLLAPSE Since this discussion post was optional, I decided to see if I could find books in the archives written by Edward B. Titchener, in order to help fulfill my dream of reviving Structuralism. As it turns out, there are many books authored by Titchener in the archives! I have been reading his books, and have been finding treasures. I’m reading from A Primer of Psychology, Manual of Experimental Psychology, and The Outline of Psychology. All of these books were refered to in the paper I read for the peer-reviewed article assignment. I learned Titchener’s method when it comes to analysing sensation through introspection, and I discovered that I can use tuning forks to experiment with hearing musical tones. I hope to use the method I read and also use tuning forks to teach my students how to perceive tones and chords when they listen to music. Reading Titchener has been extremely useful and inspiring!