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3 questions studies in literature

QUESTION 1 COLLAPSE For many, the documentary Loving Lampposts is an eye-opening learning experience. Refer to specific parts of the documentary when discussing your response. QUESTION 2 COLLAPSE DEPRESSION can be caused by many factors. There is still discussion about whether it is caused by Nature, Nurture, or a little of both? Or, maybe Americans are more depressed  because of COVID-19, the global pandemic. Perhaps they have been depressed since September 11th and the realization of terrorism? Or, maybe threats of nuclear war, climate change, and racial discord have fueled American depression?  After all, every day in America, according to the Center for Disease Control in 2019, “On average, 129 Americans die by suicide each day and 1.4 million Americans attempt suicide. Or, have Americans been convinced by advertisements from pharmaceutical companies that they can rid themselves of all their problems by popping an antidepressant so they can be happy, smiling people? In the video “Depression, the Secret We Share,” by Andrew Solomon, he shares his experience with depression.   Based, on your readings, videos you have watched, and your own life experiences, what, according to you,  causes depression? QUESTION 3 COLLAPSE Were you uncomfortable or annoyed when you first started watching “In My Language?”  What kind of intellectual, psychological and physical process did you go through when watching this video? Did you finally experience –at least a little –what it may be like to live in an autistic person’s world? What was your experience and what are your thoughts about listening to the video of the auditory hallucinations? What are your thoughts about watching “Experience 12 Minutes In Alzheimer’s Dementia?” and were you able to imagine what it could be like to have Alzheimer’s Dementia? SEE LINKS TO ANSWER QUESTIONS ABOVE: AUTISM:  Watch the documentary Loving Lampposts: 1)  NEXT QUESTION # 2 Depression, the Secret We Share | Andrew Solomon | TED Talks Watch Video Depression, the Secret We Share | Andrew Solomon | TED Talks Duration: (29:22) User: TED – Added: 12/18/13 YouTube URL: QUESTION # 3 LINKS TO REFER BACK TO ANSWER QUESTIONS: 5) Experience 12 Minutes In Alzheimer’s Dementia Watch Video Experience 12 Minutes In Alzheimer’s Dementia Duration: 8:04 User: n/a – Added: 8/21/12 ALTZHEIMER’S DISEASE: Watch the video 5) Experience 12 Minutes with Alzheimer’s Dementia. Read the article 6) Writing to Cope with Anxiety and Depression.pdf   2) In My Language Watch Video In My Language Duration: (8:35) User: silentmiaow – Added: 1/14/07 YouTube URL: 4) Auditory Hallucinations – An Audio Representation Watch Video Auditory Hallucinations – An Audio Representation Duration: (3:39) User: hellojarrad – Added: 6/13/11 This video gives you a small glimpse into the auditory hallucinations a person with  schizophrenia experiences.