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3 Business News Articles (Brexit, Pandemic, Telsa – Bitcoin) link to Strategic Management th

Introduction The purpose of this CA is to develop your awareness of the business environment. You should collect recent business news stories (or a story from within the past year – include the date if you choose to do this). You may use any source of business news stories you wish (relevant to the module). The stories do not have to be Irish business news stories. There are plenty of free news sources, some examples are listed below.   CA details ·        You must collect 3 business news stories : ·        In respect of each business news story you should – (1) give an overview of the story, (2) its relevance or the impact it will have/has and  (3) how it links with strategic the management theory.    *Strategic Management Theory: (Pestel, Porters 5 forces, KSF’s, Driving Forces, Value chain, Bench Marking, Generic Competitive Strategies, etc.) ·        Therefore, you should choose stories that will allow you to identify the relevance/impact of that story and that can be linked it as many of the Strategic Management theories as you can. This is the important test of how useful a business news story is for this CA. The application can be both direct and indirect. ·        You should also have variety in the business news stories you choose. For example don’t choose stories that are essentially the same but about different companies in the same industry as the linkage with the theory would be very similar. You can avoid this by have variety in the business news stories you choose. ·        You should submit the news stories and your analysis (as detailed above) on a word document.