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2 Case Briefs

I will provide you an attachment of what they should include / look like. please use bullet points not paragraphs ( still sentences even though in bullet points). Needs to also be double spaced and 12 inch font. Times New Roman. PLEASE IF YOU ARE NOT SURE WHAT I MEAN FOR THE LAW OR ARE CONFUSED ON THE CASE BRIEF JUST ASK. THANK YOU. 

you need:

1. facts of the case

2. procedural history 

3.Law ( you can quote it that direct law like amendment 4,2,5,14,etc.) question 

5. holding and vote ( yes or no with the voting like 7-3 for example, ONLY YES OR NO WITH VOTE)

6. reasoning

7. concurring with judges names( say what the judges said while concurring)

8. dissenting with judges names ( say what the judges said while dissenting)

Here is a list of the case briefs:

North Carolina v. Alford, 400 U.S. 25 (1970).

Santabello v. New York, 404 U.S. 257 (1970).